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Perth Trip - Mary Poppins: The Musical

Travel Date: 7 April 2012

I arrived at around 430pm at Perth airport. After settling the custom and immigrations, the pick up bus await me to bring me to the hotel. The journey to the city from the airport took about 25 minutes.

The venue for the show is at Burswood Theatre. It's actually not that difficult to locate and with train from the Perth station, you could get there in just 10 minutes. Plus, it's only cost you $2.60 for single trip journey.

Mary Poppins is a classic Disney adaptation about a nanny. Not any ordinary nanny but a very extra ordinary one with such unique power and talents. Yes, she flies too just like the movie using her umbrella.

It's really a great show with so many great magical acts. The dancing was superb and the performance were excellent. I was really amazed with the way of them doing the steps. Simply amazing.

The duration of the show came near 3 hours with 15 minutes of intermission. Do keep in mind that they does not notify you about the intermission, so don't assume the show has ended. Ask the staff if unsure. Otherwise you might waste the second act.

As always, pick the seat near the stage and if possible at the center to get the great view. Don't worry about paying more, it's once in your lifetime. So enjoy it.

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