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Bangkok Trip

Travel Dates: 29 May 2012 - 31 May 2012

Day 1

 As usual it was a last minute planning. I just called my friend to sent me to the airport and off I go flying to Bangkok. The Thailand time different would be 1 hour lesser than Malaysia. So technically I save an hour when I arrived here.

It was rainy season. So everything was wet. The fastest way to go to the city would be to take the express train and stop at Phaya Thai. They run the service between 20-30 mins interval. The cost per single trip would be THB90. Cheap and fast. The other alternative would be to City Line which cost you almost half the Express Line.

Phaya Thai station connect with the BTS station. So you virtually connected to the major part of the city. For easy travelling with their BTS, do get the Rabbit Card. A prepaid card for BTS and some part of shops. It's easy and convenient. Plus the fee as for now still only THB50 for card issuing.

I didn't do much on my first day. Just went out for dinner and head back to hotel to sleep. Somehow I was sleepy.

Day 2

I woke up early for the breakfast before heading out to the malls. The major mall located at Siam Station. They are Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon (Luxury items), Siam Centre (Normal items) as well as MBK mall (Gadgets).

Nothing to buy. So I just window shopping to kill the time.

Later that afternoon, I met my friend and off we go. Surprisingly I learned something new where there are temple located almost around the city area. From my understanding the temple are differ from one another. I only realized it when my friend wanted to go for a pray.

The trip wouldn't completed without a visit to the massage centre. If you looking for a good massage do go to On Nut area. It is very cheap compare to the city area plus they are as good as the one you normally have in the city. How cheap? An hour for THB100.

The nightlife would be as lively as the day. If you daring enough do visit the Patpong district. The famous red light district where you can find the Go Go club and pole dancing club. Well depend on you whether you like boy or girl or in between. They have everything.

The Patpong area also do serve the night market. Do bargain. Also if you coming near closing time which is around midnight, you might get at the price you wish for. Just be reasonable when bargaining.

Day 3

After breakfast, I head to the airport for my flight back home. I'll visit again in future.

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Ameer Zachery said...

I didn't. It was raining almost the whole day. So just using their trains.