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Sharjah Trip

Travel Date: 03 August 2012 - 05 August 2012

Day 1

I arrived in Sharjah early in the morning. Be in mind that even though it's morning, the temperature already at 33C. It was really warm. I guess it's my first time experiencing the summer in Middle East.

Once I arrived at the hotel, all I can do is sleep. I don't know why but I was too tired to do anything and to go out. I guess the hot weather was once of the contributing factor as well. I ended up staying in the room for the whole day.

Day 2 / Day 3

Today I decided not to waste my time again staying in the room. I know it's hot but there always first time for everything. The first thing I did was to check out the pool and beach. Well, it's only 10am but the temperature was at 41C already. In the end I went back inside the hotel to cool down.

There is a free shuttle from the hotel to Diera City Centre. I'm staying at Radisson Blu. It's a little bit far for Dubai city. The travel time to the mall is approximately 30mins. It's one of the many mall Dubai have.

 I have nothing to buy except for some chocolate dates for souvenirs for my friends and relatives. Just walk around the mall floor to floor to kill the time before the shuttle back to hotel.

This time I decided to walk around the city of Sharjah. Around the hotel. It's still very hot - 43C. So I just walk as fast as I can to snap some pictures. I wonder why most of the places such as museum was closed. I know if it's Friday, nothing will be open except for the shops at the mall. I can't figure out about Saturday. Perhaps since it's hot, nobody like to work.

 I was basically dehydrated. Luckily I didn't faint on the street. I just kept walking back to the hotel. It just an hour walk but due to the heat, all my energy drained out. Rested at the hotel.

Departing early in the morning to Amsterdam.

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