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Qantas (QF)

Date: 12 March 2010
Sector: Perth (PER) - Melbourne (MEL)

Qantas is the national airline of Australia. I was able to try on their Domestic sector for my flight. It was different and an experience gainer for me. I love it.


It was supposed to be easy to check in at the airport. You could easily check yourself in using their kiosk. It is easy and at breeze. I was however supposed to be flying on the day before. So there were a bit of a problem for me to check in. However, the check in lady was extremely nice and helpful. She helped me and guided me to the right source so I would be able to continue my journey on that day flight. As a first-timer, I was impressed with their excellent service.

Departure Hall

It is small but yet ample of seat available as it was an open area. So you could virtually seat anywhere you like until you are called for your flight. There are a few shop and cafe. Since it is a Qantas terminal, they have a service desk located at the center of the hall. So if you have any problem you could just go and ask for help from them.


I flew on the Boeing 767-300ER. The aircraft is very well maintained and very clean as it should be. I was seated at the bulkhead seat. So there was plenty of leg rest for me. The seat was spacious enough for a Economy Class. I can say everything is just right.

Cabin Crew

They are very friendly and helpful. They also very soft spoken. I enjoyed their service and actually felt happy flying with Qantas. They never miss smiling back at you when you smile at them. The most important thing is they are all very professional and did a very good job at their work. I think they love doing their job and that what count.

In-flight Entertainment

Since it was a Domestic flight. They only show some TV show and a movie at the main screen. I was seated at the front and had the best view of it. You could also can opt to listen to music if you do not want to watch the movie. So it is not boring for a three and half hours of flight.


They are very generous at their meal. I was amazed that they actually served lunch for the flight. It was after all a Domestic flight. You could ask for extra and they will definitely give you if they have more. I just can't take anymore as one is enough for me. The main dish was Greek style Chicken with Pearl Barley and Vegetable, Cheese and Crackers, Bread and Juice/Soft Drink/Wine. Sweet snack was served an hour before landing which was ice-cream. Nice.

Overall Rating

Check-in 5/5
Departure Hall 4/5
Aircraft 4/5
Cabin Crew 5/5
In-flight Entertainment 4/5
Meal 4/5


Adrian said...

That's a truly generous amount that they're giving for a meal.

Ameer Zachery said...

Yeah. You could also said the plate is small so it look a lot. :)