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Melbourne Trip

Travel Date: 02 March 2012 - 05 March 2012

Day 1/Day 2

The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur the night before and arrived earlier from schedule at around 8:50am. The weather is not on my side this time as it was expected to rain the whole day which were true in the end. For those who first time coming to Melbourne, the city is easy to navigate with wide range of public transport to select on.

The Melbourne International Airport is located a little out from the city area. So the best way to travel to the city would be via Skybus which offer a direct service to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne City every 10 minutes. The cost for single trip and return trip are $17 and $28 respectively. However, for those who is a bit daring and have time with them can opt for their local public transport. From airport take the bus 478/479 at the Terminal 4 Depot just opposite from the Toll Dnata building. The bus will bring you either direct to the city or if not you could stop at Essendon Station for connecting train to the city. The cost for the trip will not cost you more than $6.50 (2 hours ticket) or $3.50 (on all day weekend ticket). Visit Metlink website for the exact fares and timetables.

For me, the trip will not complete without a visit to my favorite restaurant - Bali Bagus located at Franklin Street. Opening hours usually from 11:00am until 9:00pm daily. Most of the dish are great and priced reasonably but the best would be Iga Penyek. To Muslim, it's a halal certified restaurant. Since its raining, a walk seem more difficult as the path aren't covered with shelter. So it is good to just walk at the mall street at Bourke Street.

Trams served mostly the city area and trains and buses would be the best way to travel outside the city area. Depending on your ticket, you could practically hop on and off any of their public transport anytime you like. 

In the evening, I was scheduled to watched the theatre at Her Majesty's Theatre located at Exhibition Street. Apparently there is also Comedy Theatre just opposite of it. I was watching A Chorus Line for tonight show. It ended just past 10:00pm and since it Saturday, some restaurants open late. Usually on Friday and weekends it's normal for shops to close a bit late than their 6:30pm on weekdays.

Day 3/Day 4

Note: Sunday Saver ticket valid for Zone 1+2 all day at $3.50 was used for today to all venues.

Since I was still feeling a little bit tired from the flight, I've decided to go out in the afternoon instead. So after brunch at Bali Bagus, I went to Queen Victoria Market for some groceries shopping. It's huge and sell a lot of stuff. The best thing I love about the market is how organize all the area were. It is super clean and easy to navigate with most same items are groups at the same location. Wet market, fruits and vege, souvenirs, cafes and so much more. Word of advise, do come a little bit late as the seller usually will cut the prices when it's near closing time.

Two prominent factory outlet shopping area in the city would be Waterfront City HabourTown or DFO South Wharf. It is easier to travel to HabourTown as it is well connected with trams route 35(Free), 70 or 86. The shops best visited during their sales as it is much cheaper. DFO South Wraft on the other hand a little difficult to access using the public transport. Taxi would be the best way but it will cost you a lot. As for me I usually take the tram half way and walk for about 20 mins to reach. Limited shops but selling cheaper than normal market price. The biggest DFO would be DFO Essendon. How to get there? I'm not really sure as I never been there before.

The evening ends with relaxation at Brighton Beach with could easily reached by taking train directly to the beach station. It's not a great place to swim as I noticed the water was a little bit dirty and murky. However, it would be a great place for sun tanning.

Before heading back to the hotel, I stopped by at Prahan Station for a quick groceries shop at Coles located at Chapel Street. Just for info, it is much cheaper to shops at supermarket which located outside the city area. However, depending on the things you wish to purchase, time travel to Chapel Street from the city is 20 minutes via tram and might not be economical.

Departing back to Kuala Lumpur at 3:00pm the next day.

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Maya Dhira said...

antara harbour tour dgn dfo mane lg best shopping?

Ameer Zachery said...

I would say Habourtown better if in town. DFO South Wraft nothing much unless you could go to DFO Essendon then DFO E would be better option.

Maya Dhira said...

owh..tq so much =)