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Travel Tips: Make A Checklist

Traveling can be quite tiring. The planning usually the one that will make you stress the most.

As for me I had a bad experience before where I forgotten my travel documents. I ended up missing the flight, rush back home to collect my documents and rush back to the airport to catch the next flight. One single mistake can cost you dearly.

So as a reminder to myself I now will always create a default checklist for my trips. Feel free to use it or edit it to your suiting.

- Flight ticket
- Passport
- NRIC/Identification card
- Hotel reservation
- Tours reservation

- Shirt x?
- Pants x?
- Shorts x?
- Socks x?
- Underwear x?
- Swimwear
- Jacket
- Toiletries
- Shoe / Sandal

Basically the Mandatory items I will put it in the clear folder so it would be easier to view and confirm. The Essential items on the other hand will be planned base on the duration of my stay.

Ok then. I'll put more tips if I happen to remember it.

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Jo Jo said...

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